When do pregnancy cravings start?

Oh, pregnancy; That endearing time in a woman’s life when she becomes a blissful host to another human life.

Charming… At least until the cravings kick in. The urge to eat what your pregnant body craves is everything but a delicate process. You want it and you want it NOW, regardless of the time of day (or night).

Been there, eaten that. Pickles and salty chips one minute, Nutella and gummy bears the next. When cravings show up, they take over and refuse to leave until you cater to them.

Pregnancy cravings tend to debut toward the end of the first trimester, around the twelve-week mark. Some women get them as early as two weeks into the pregnancy, others don’t get them at all. Studies show that 50 to 90 percent of women develop a certain food craving during pregnancy.

There are several factors that are thought to influence these sudden eating urges. A sudden increase in hormones, especially during the first few months, can overwhelm body and mind and push us toward certain comfort foods or snacks, but they are not solely responsible.

Cue the senses. Smell and taste are two senses that become extremely sensitive during the first and second trimesters of a pregnancy. A woman’s sense of smell is heightened during the first trimester, which can cause and aversion to certain foods and drinks that you may normally enjoy such as alcohol, fish or broccoli.

At the same time, snacks that you might not normally crave suddenly become indispensable and so satisfying to eat. Cravings tend to be either very salty, sweet, spicy and sour. This could be an indicator that the body might be wanting to compensate for a deficiency.

All of these factors are believed to be the root cause of pregnancy cravings, but doctors don’t know for sure. All we know is that, for most women, week 12 seems to be the average time to expect these peculiar must-haves

Cravings ranked

Can you guess what types of foods are higher up in the “most common” list of cravings? We gathered lists from a few sources and found out that most agree on the rank of cravings and no, your cravings are not as strange are your thought.

  • Chocolate- (in any shape or form) Chocolate milk, Nutella, chocolate bars, cookies, brownies. We name it, you want it.
  • Pickles- Is it the pickles or is it the vinegar? For decades, a craving for pickles has been the universal indicator of pregnancy, however, we found that many expectant mothers name them because they are “vinagree”. Vinegar potato chips are as craved as pickles.
  • Eggs- This makes total sense. The number of vitamins and potassium and the low carb and calorie count per item, makes eggs great snacks. But eggs are very high in cholesterol and are linked to heart disease, making them not ideal as a pregnancy crave.
  • Cheese- Like chocolate, in every shape or form. In slices, in potato chips, with macaroni or crackers. Filled with calcium and low in carbs, cheese is the golden food craving.
  • Candy- A little candy never hurt anyone. And, let’s be honest, with all the changes happening in our bodies, we deserve a little indulgence.

Other popular items include lemons or any other citrus items, peanut butter and spicy foods and snacks.

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