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Treat yourself or an expecting loved one.


Why a Cravings Crate?

Treat yourself.

Momma, pregnancy cravings are very real and often bizarre. Who cares, you're growing a human! Plus, it's not you that wants to dip gummy worms in nacho cheese, it's your baby.


Be the hero.

Dad to be. Your beautiful, pregnant lady is up past midnight, obsessing about Sour Patch Kids and a Dr. Pepper. You pull out a Cravings Crate. Boom, hero status. No more late night runs to the convenient store.


The perfect baby shower gift.

You've been invited to another baby shower. Nearly everything on the registry has already been taken. Be the hit of the shower with this unique gift.


Our Cravings Crate Moms


Cravings Crate is such a fun and unique gift!


Thanks Cravings Crate, I loved all the snacks!